IMA multiplexed

IMA IR, InGaAs Camera, optimised for SWIR range in an inverted microscope configuration:-

IMA VIS, optimised for visible range in an upright microscope configuration with a CCD camera:-

New!!!  IR VIVO, 850-1620nm with a spectral resolution of <4nm with penetration depth of greater than 10x traditional optical system (below):-

Recent studies conducted with the IR VIVO (non-invasive):-
VIVO Brief

VIVO sample pix

Unprecedented acquisition speed and sensitivity:-
Data Module & S/W

Photon Etc Darkfield microscopy illuminesence microscopy hyperspectral microscopy widefield hyperspectral systems SWIR cameras tunable line laser filter Tunable Laser source

WideField Hyperspectral Systems (400-1700nm):
GrandEOS WideField Imaging
micro lens


Widefield mineral core analysis:-
WideField sample application

Laser Line Tunable Filter with FWHM of <2.5nm and Tunable Laser Source:
Raman Applications
Tunable Laser Source

Zephir SWIR range of cameras - Fast and Low noise InGaAs and HgCdTe sensors

Zephir SWIR Camera range
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