Try DAVID, a free and easy-to-use software for low-cost 3D laser scanning!

david laserscanner What do I need to build a 3D scanner?

- A camera (e.g. web cam)
- A hand-held line laser
- Two plain boards in the background
- A Windows PC
- Our free software DAVID-laserscanner

Or use the brand-new DAVID Starter-Kit!

If you don't want to start searching and tinkering,
the DAVID Starter-Kit contains all necessary hardware and software to set up your own 3d scanner!

david laserscanner How does scanning with DAVID work?

1. Set up background and camera
2. Calibrate your camera with one click
3. Start scanning by sweeping the laser line over the object
4. Gaze at the 3D window and export your result to .OBJ
5. Optional: Automatically stitch several scans/meshes with DAVID-Shapefusion and export .OBJ, .STL, or .PLY

david laserscanner I'd like to see some results before buying or building anything!

You will find some amazing results in our gallery and on the user pages in our wiki. Also you can download DAVID and use a test video file instead of a real camera, so you will have 3D data within a minute!

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