nPoint's advanced nanopositioning and measuring technology has set new standards in specification and performance and enables movement in increments of as little as a fraction of a nanometer with high precision and speed. The ability to image and measure at the nanoscale is essential to nanotechnology R&D. The applications of nanopositioning in the development of new scanning, metrology, and imaging tools range across many scientific and engineering disciplines from metallurgy and plastics to biotech and nanotechnology.

Ultra-precise positioners and motion controllers are key components of larger instruments, such as critical-dimension measurement tools, profilometers, scanning probe microscopes, optical microscopes, and robots -- tools used in manufacturing and test operations that involve ultra-precision machining, inspecting, and testing of parts. Nanopositioners are also used for characterization of the surface properties of all types of materials and for the manipulation of atomic-and molecular-scale structures including biomolecules such as proteins and DNA.

nPoint offers a range of standard nanopositioning products that includes 1-, 2- and 3-axis stages. These systems can readily be matched to research and microscopy requirements since they are available in a range of lengths of movement, footprints, and materials.

Single Axis Positioners

Dual Axis Positioners

Triple Axis Positioners


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